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Centuries ago there was the sea and land.Then someone thought to enter the blue-green waters that surround our Kingdom and search, at first for food, alternate means of sustenance, in this process oysters were discovered and in precious few of these, pearl were found.

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about us

Takatof hopes to emulate the pearl divers of old and discover for you...

A special pearl...

  • ...that resides in your business
  • ...adds lustre to your image
  • ...your service delivery.

and to bring the glow of a pearl to the service sector in Bahrain

Our Vision

To create world-class experiences by sourcing knowledge from around the world and tailoring it to suit local and regional requirements. And transferring that knowledge to instruct, inspire and develop a whole new workforce of service-oriented personnel who will perform at the highest levels of competence, expertise and proficiency to compare successfully with the best in the world.

Our Mission

To become a high quality value leader in the event management service industry, promote a culture of learning and further the cause of the industry as a whole.Ultimately we hope to make it an exciting option for young graduates looking for new career paths- through workshops, seminars, training programmes, conferences and other on-going tools to assist individuals and corporations to "dive within their psyches and discover the perls within".

what we do

Public Events

Based on market needs, Takatof will initiate a high-level seminar, conference or event.To do so we will assess demand, identify a needs-gap or simply bring new visions, expertise and experiences in various fields in order to keep managment and service-providers Kingdom-wide up to date with international developments.

In this case we will deliver a360() managed, developed, designed and executed event. -Also available for companies, corporations, institutions.

Exhibitions and Sponsorships

We manage all aspects of staging an exhibition including the planning, marketing, budgeting, exhibitor liaison and onsite event logistics.

We have the know-how to leverage sponsorship, whether you need to profile your sponsors, boost your own sales or generate leads.

Our team has the expertise to create a winning sponsorship document, recruit exhibitors, manage all event communications, as well as oversee your onsite requirements.

Customised Events for Companies & Corporations

We work hand in hand with your organisation and customise events to serve your needs. We also guide and assist you and the authorities concerned in setting up a uniquely tailored programme, workshop or series of workshops according to your mandate.

Special Events

We bring creative flair, logistics expertise and strategic thought processes to stage your special event. Our clients value our experience in organising awards ceremonies, themed functions and company Kick Off events.

Executive Meetings and Conferences

Undertake all aspects of staging executive meetings and major conferences for thousands of delegates. Depending on requirements and in-house resources, we can manage as little or as much of your events as you want us to.

Eperienced in managing: Summits, congresses, road-shows, symposiums, annual general meetings, corporate training sessions, executive meetings and conferences. For example please see our case studies.

Event Branding: If you already have an idea of the kind of workshop, training or event you'd like to conduct, Takatof can handle everything-from branding and promoting the event with appropriate themes, speakers, activities and evaluation studies to follow-up programmes if needed.

Why us?

We give our clients peace of mind that their event will be well executed, have creative flair, run smoothly and cost less, even if they have a limited budget or a short lead time.

Save Time

We take care of all the details and alleviate your stress so you can focus on other business activities or specific project tasks.

Get Results

Because we focus on desired business outcomes first so you can be sure that you get an effective Return On investment(ROI) for every


Through our industry relations and negotiating power of we can assure you that your budget is always safe.

Stand Out

As we infuse creativity, employ the latest trends and deliver high-tech solutions to make your event shine.

Exclusively in Bahrain Andrew Grant bringing back the creativity in Who Killed Creativity Seminar which was held at The Movenpick Hotel on April 15th 2013. Bringing together --- participants from different fields and positions such as: Managers, Team Leaders, SMEs Owners and students.

The Seminar listed objectives were:

  • The benefits of creative thinking and the need to connect areas of creativity to form an innovative system.
  • Understanding the attributes and culture of your specific workplace that may inhibit creative thinking and innovation.
  • The need for fresh approach to creativity and considering the limitations of the experts.
  • Exploring areas in which creativity may have been blocked.
  • Understanding the need for regeneration & intervening by means of a radical, apparently destructive act in pursuit of a higher purpose.
  • Developing a creative mindset.
  • Staying optimistic and focused to preserve with the creative process.

Participants today with the empowerment of the seminar are expected to successfully use their creativity and innovation skills in producing new, diverse and unique ideas.

TAKATOF organized And managed the Third Honoring Outstanding Companies Ceremony for specific Council for Training in Retail which was held on May 29th 2013 at the Movenpick Hotel.

The event was under the patronage of the Minister of labor Mr. Jamil Bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, Over 100 companies attended the Ceremony.

Connecting Employees with Customers Through Humour, Creativity and Celebration

For the first time in the middle east with Scott Friedman celebrate seminar was held on November 7, 2012 at The Diplomat Hotel. Over 110 participants coming from different companies attended the event.

The Seminar objectives was to empower participants to:

  • Stop worrying about the past and future and learn to thrive in the present.
  • Quit focusing on what doesn't work, and to build on what does
  • Develop a "celebration mentality" based on gratitude, play, and surprise
  • Harness the power of gratitude and create happier employees and customers
  • Create fun, innovative rituals which foster more open and engaging workplace
  • Say "goodbye" to stress and "hello" to the One-Minute Humour Break
  • Best use the element of surprise in connecting with both employees and customers.
  • Learn to find the humour in life's inconveniences.
  • Effectively use celebration in demonstrating service excellence
  • Make the "celebration mindset" become a permanent way of thinking, thereby

With these indispensable tools as source for inspiration and practical advice, participants will experience positive transformation in there organization... One celebration at a time!

Social Media Forum

Under the patronage of H.E. Shaikh Fawaz Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa President - Information Affairs Authority

The Social Media Forum was held on September 12 2012 at the Movenpick Hotel. Over 210 participants benefited from the program

The Social Media Masters Forum 2012 helped transforming individuals and companies alike into Social Media Experts. The events was presented by international and regional Social Media Masters in eight cities throughout the Middle East. The leading Masters covered the tools needed to develop Social Media Marketing strategies, ensuring the introduction of Social Media platforms to formulate strategies

that will engage audiences to implement various techniques.

The Social Media Masters Forum 2012 was a great value for the region's business growth and development. The Forum was a masters level program on how to use social media marketing tools and channels, passing through different steps and levels, and teaching people on how to take advantage of that knowledge. The old game is undoubtedly over, and the question now is, "What can businesses do to transition and succeed in this new era?"

  1. From “Trying to Sell” to “Making Connections”.
  2. From “Hard to Reach” to “Being Available Everywhere”.
  3. Pitch Products in a More Human, Interactive Way.
  4. Increase Customer Loyalty & Trust.
  5. Conduct Market Research.
  6. Fully optimize social media to enhance your brand.
  7. Engage new customers.
  8. Raise awareness of your brand.
  9. Build a strong online presence.

Life Changing Leadership Seminar

For the first time in the middle-east Takatof BH in partnership with BIBF bring together the Life Changing Leadership Seminar held at the Gulf Hotel on September 16th, 2013 with Dan Clark. Targeting leaders from different fields and positions, bringing Senior Directors, Managers, Head of Departments, Champions, GMs, CEOs, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and all leaders from the walk of life whom have the responsibility, care and development of other people all together attended with --- participants.

  • Becoming an authentic and inspiring leader.
  • Aligning their inner selves and values to their role as leaders
  • Empowering individuals, teams, divisions and organizations for higher performance and fulfillment.
  • Regaining focus, clarity of purpose and perspective of the bigger picture.
  • Building up their personal resilience and mental toughness.
  • Enjoying better relationships, both at work and home.

Leaders who’re a part of the seminar had a formative and permanent effect on mind experience, character, psychology and empower which would allow them to take on leadership roles within their organization.

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